We were very fortunate to have Anthony Williams from New Paradigm, and co-author of Wikinomics, come to address the group this week.

I, for one, was very excited about this. Anthony gave a presentation on the general ideas behind his book, the trends that have pushed the locus of creativity and creation away from corporate cloisters and into the crowd.

We couldn’t have had a better topic for discussion. While in the ASE we work through our process to help groups collaborate for better results, implicit in the effort is the push to demonstrate that working in a way which prioritizes ideas and facts over hierarchy and opinion enables stronger solutions.

The trends outlined by Anthony show that there is a larger movement towards that model of work, and whether it is the technology driving the shift or the shift driving the technology is immaterial; what matters for us is that broader social and technological trends are aligning with our mission in ways that allow us to demonstrate greater effectiveness and have a deeper impact before, during and after our sessions.

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