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7 Ways to Set Up a Collaborative Space that Doesn’t Suck

I see it in every company or organization that I work with; lots of money spent kitting out meeting space or collaborative space so that people can work together. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, the space is terrible, and largely unsuitable for collaboration. If you’ve ever wondered why it feels so good to sit […]

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Dificilitation…a challenge to our Pattern Language?

We explain our approach to facilitation as coming from the roots of the word: to make easy. This really runs back to the roots of the method, which is grounded in part by the writings of Christopher Alexander and his concept of patterns in architecture which either encourage or inhibit a natural flow. It’s a […]

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Environment and the King of No-Form

In whatever spare moments I can muster, I’ve been reading Christopher Alexander’s brilliant book, The Timeless Way of Building. I find it overwhelming. Brilliant. Most of all, it has raised my appreciation of environments and how they affect interactions. Needless to say, then, I have had Alexander’s words ringing in the back of my head […]

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Unconscious influences…

An interesting article in the New York Times today about unconscious reactions to stimuli has a lot of connections with our work. The article talks about a number of fascinating studies which trace the effects of events as insignificant as being passed a hot or cold cup of coffee, which in the end have a […]

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The Studio

A ‘quick win’ idea out of last week’s session is “The Studio”; transforming the usual workspace of the production person into an open, interactive and transparent studio, so that session participants can see their deliverables as a living work-in-progress that is being built throughout the session. We’ve taken a first cut at it in the […]

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