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Collaboration: A Dirty Word?

I read a wonderful book not too long ago entitled “The Culture Code”, which had, as its thesis, the concept that each culture has a “coded” set of primal affinities and aversions. Through group regressions, the author – Clotaire Rapaille – claimed to be able to distill the essence of a culture’s feelings for a […]

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Geoffrey Moore’s “Dealing with Darwin”

  A recent recommendation lead me to “Dealing with Darwin”, a superb book on sustaining innovation within the enterprise. Interestingly, one of Moore’s core models is almost a carbon copy of the Stages of an Enterprise model, but he goes a long way to elaborate on the “entrepreneurial button”, especially as it pertains to the […]

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On Intelligence – Feedback, expectation and event design

I’ve been reading Jeff Hawkins’ book On Intelligence, and have been itching to put up a post about it…trouble is, that a quick review really wouldn’t do justice to all that’s in there and all the touchpoints the book has with our process. One of the concepts in the book that has gotten me thinking […]

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We were very fortunate to have Anthony Williams from New Paradigm, and co-author of Wikinomics, come to address the group this week. I, for one, was very excited about this. Anthony gave a presentation on the general ideas behind his book, the trends that have pushed the locus of creativity and creation away from corporate […]

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