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Graphic facilitation, visual modeling and meaning

I often conceptualize visual thinking as being comprised of several distinct elements, at least from my perspective on the production side. I think of there being a dynamic component, in which we actively play with visual methods as we interact in order to make things clear which language might be obscuring. Napkin sketching, graphic recording […]

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Structuring conversations for visualization

There’s a constant challenge with creating complex visualizations; how to manage the process of gathering input from the group? Solitary acts of artistic brilliance create beautiful pieces of work, but they may not actually connect with the intent of the group, and it’s pretty much impossible to capture a meaningful level of detail on the […]

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Lessons Learned: Onsite Scribing

It’s very easy to get into a pattern of how things are done, and I’ve found that especially applies to graphic facilitation. It’s easy to get spoiled by our six-foot-tall whiteboards everywhere…what happens if you need to give a “scribing experience” in a boardroom? While I’ve used butcher paper in the past, I’ve settled on […]

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