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Decisions in the Age of Emergence

Last week, we got news that April 2016 was the hottest April since we began keeping records; but not only that, that it will be the 12th month in a row to have set the record. While only a few months into the year, it is a near certainty that it will be one of […]

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UberX: Apps are magic, and other policy myths

Today we heard news that Toronto city council has created a new class of license for drivers in the city, to allow for the use of ride-sharing apps like Uber. While the policy conflated several issues which were not necessarily dependent upon each other – such as technology-mediated dispatch and flexible employment and licensing – […]

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Back from Chicago…

This week was a humbling one – in the very best of ways – as I got the chance to see, once again, the intelligence, creativity and experience of the team that gathered in Chicago for our All Hands meeting. I feel like I’ve come out of the week with a whole laundry list of […]

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