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A Value Web

As part of my work with The Value Web, both as a knowledge worker, and as a board member, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the model which underpins it – the “Value Web” or “Business of Enterprise” model developed by MGTaylor. At the core of the model is the concept of working […]

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Atheist Strategy

Blue Ocean? SWOT? I found myself in an interesting conversation this weekend about what tools are best for developing strategies, and in classic fashion, I am living up to the saying “Repartee is what you think of on the way home.” Picking a tool for strategy development is, to me, an exercise in doctrine and […]

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So Much for The Wisdom of Crowds

It is somewhat vexing to see the hounds jumping on Alan Greenspan in the rush to assign blame for the financial crisis to a single individual. That’s the way of politics, I suppose, that many feel the need to find someone to single out, someone towards whom we can all point an accusing finger so […]

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When Leading Means Getting Out of the Way

I spoke with Andy Heppelle yesterday, who was fresh back from Holland. He passed on a quote – which I found rather inspiring –  from a top executive who had just been through an ASE: “I find my team works best when I am silent” I loved that. I love that it not only takes […]

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