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Auto-tuning, harvesting, and the design of knowledge

The Garden of Your Mind Reading this article at fast co-create about an auto-tune artist’s design process, I was stricken by its similarity to our Harvesting Process, which is, in essence, a process of designing knowledge. Boswell watched eight episodes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.As he watches, Boswell identifies clips he likes and writes down their timecode, […]

Defining Social Strategies for Gatherings

More dissection of the SXSW conference and its social/cultural reverberations has helped me crystallize some thinking on sharing in the context of large gatherings. Conferences, as a confluence of intellectual inputs and people, represent huge potential for learning and knowledge creation, but also represent an equal amount of lost opportunity and knowledge dissipation. The perennial […]

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Visualizing Business Architecture

I clipped out a few slides from a recent presentation on enterprise business architecture. The original concept was from a sketch I came up with when trying to think through the “process of change” in a government setting…I then got stuck with the sketch, as it seemed to capture what we were trying to say. […]

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Graphic facilitation, visual modeling and meaning

I often conceptualize visual thinking as being comprised of several distinct elements, at least from my perspective on the production side. I think of there being a dynamic component, in which we actively play with visual methods as we interact in order to make things clear which language might be obscuring. Napkin sketching, graphic recording […]

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Structuring conversations for visualization

There’s a constant challenge with creating complex visualizations; how to manage the process of gathering input from the group? Solitary acts of artistic brilliance create beautiful pieces of work, but they may not actually connect with the intent of the group, and it’s pretty much impossible to capture a meaningful level of detail on the […]

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Prototypes, Visuals, and Taking Concepts to Reality

I know I shouldn’t be as excited as I am, but I can’t help it. Making something that was ethereal, theoretical into something physical and tangible is, well, exciting. Last week, I got my book in the mail. Not just any book, but my book. The moment I clicked “buy” on, the hundreds of […]

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VizThink and Dave Gray

I attended a VizThink workshop with Dave Gray a few weeks ago here in Toronto; lots to say about it, but for now I thought I’d post my notes…

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