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A Theory of Community Formation

As part of our work at The Value Web, we’ve been involved over the years working with various communities – such as The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders community – to organize numerous community gatherings and create processes that achieve particular outcomes or explore areas of interest. More and more, however, the creation of […]

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A Value Web

As part of my work with The Value Web, both as a knowledge worker, and as a board member, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the model which underpins it – the “Value Web” or “Business of Enterprise” model developed by MGTaylor. At the core of the model is the concept of working […]

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Auto-tuning, harvesting, and the design of knowledge

The Garden of Your Mind Reading this article at fast co-create about an auto-tune artist’s design process, I was stricken by its similarity to our Harvesting Process, which is, in essence, a process of designing knowledge. Boswell watched eight episodes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.As he watches, Boswell identifies clips he likes and writes down their timecode, […]

The Design of Games, Innovation and Collaboration

Another excellent post on the Knowledge Games blog by Dave Gray working to answer the question, “What is a Knowledge Game?” The post is a wonderful exploration of the nature of knowledge games, but begs the question of how to go about designing these interactions. This is something I started to write about here, but […]

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On the Fuzziness of Goals

It’s hard to stay out of interesting conversations, and Dave Gray has a great one going on his Knowledge Games blog. The question is on fuzzy goals, how they relate to knowledge work, how to navigate towards them, and just how fuzzy goals can be in creative work. There’s an extra image on Dave’s flickr […]

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So Much for The Wisdom of Crowds

It is somewhat vexing to see the hounds jumping on Alan Greenspan in the rush to assign blame for the financial crisis to a single individual. That’s the way of politics, I suppose, that many feel the need to find someone to single out, someone towards whom we can all point an accusing finger so […]

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Geoffrey Moore’s “Dealing with Darwin”

  A recent recommendation lead me to “Dealing with Darwin”, a superb book on sustaining innovation within the enterprise. Interestingly, one of Moore’s core models is almost a carbon copy of the Stages of an Enterprise model, but he goes a long way to elaborate on the “entrepreneurial button”, especially as it pertains to the […]

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