The Studio

A ‘quick win’ idea out of last week’s session is “The Studio”; transforming the usual workspace of the production person into an open, interactive and transparent studio, so that session participants can see their deliverables as a living work-in-progress that is being built throughout the session.

The Studio

We’ve taken a first cut at it in the Toronto ASE, with this being at the back and just out of the Radiant Room. The thought is that during report-outs, the left plasma can be switched over to a shot clock.

I really loved this concept; it completely shifts the dynamic of the production role, and I’m interested to see what effect it has on the way participants interact with the web journal.

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  1. Jarrell M.
    July 26, 2007 at 7:40 pm #

    Pretty interesting. It would be cool to make the pod people more accessible to participants. Kind of like an all-purpose Info Desk.

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