Back from Chicago…

This week was a humbling one – in the very best of ways – as I got the chance to see, once again, the intelligence, creativity and experience of the team that gathered in Chicago for our All Hands meeting. I feel like I’ve come out of the week with a whole laundry list of projects, ideas and inspirations that now require time, sweat and more thought to put into action. Deliverable number one: this blog.  My  hope is to use it as a forum for ideas; as a connection point for a lot of people scattered around the continent and around the world; and as a venue or medium through which other ideas that came out of the session can be pursued.

But it doesn’t have to be a solo act…anyone can comment, or, better yet, contribute.  Email me, I can set up an account, and the conversation can have many more voices…hence the name:

Shift and Share.

After this week, my thinking has shifted. My location has shifted. But we can still share.

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